Administrative setup

The Dy. Commissioner heads the district administration. He is responsible for law and order and for all developmental programmes. Mamit is the Headquarters of the District. There are 3(three) Rural Development Blocks headed by Block Development Officers, namely Reiek, West Phaileng and Zawlnuam.

Ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service are some of the goals of the Office.

The Office is organized into different branches as stated below:

Arms Branch

The duties and activities of Arms Branch are as indicated below:

  1. Records and Registers are maintained for every Category of Arms separately.
  2. Explosive Possession License (Permit) are issued in accordance of Explosive Rules.
  3. Arms Repairing License are issued as per approval of Home Department, Government of Mizoram.
  4. Arms Dealership License are issued as per approval of Home Department, Government of Mizoram.

    As per instructions of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, National Database of Arm Licences (NDAL)project is being implemented in full swing. Before doing Online Registration, filtering is done for regularization of rightful ownership of Arms Licences.

    Establishment Branch

    The Establishment Branch deals with Personal and General Administration, Office Stationery, Visits of VVIPs and VIPs and other related matters. This Branch is headed by Head Assistant who also supervises the entire staff of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Aizawl. Personal Files as well as Service Book of Non-Gazetted staff and personal files of Gazetted Officers are dealt and maintained by this Branch.

    Judicial Branch

    This branch deals with matters relating to law and order, conduct of Inquiries by Magistrates, as well as permission for public activities, issuance of Schedule Tribe, Residential, Birth and Income Certificates.

    Election Branch

    The duties and activities of Election Branch are as indicated below:

    1. The Election Commission of India, from time to time have ordered Intensive, Summary, Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls. In these connections, the Election Branch of the District Election Officer’s Office, performs all related works such as Designation of Returning Officers, Asst. Electoral Registration Officers have also been processed by the Election Officer.
    2. Since the Electors’ Photo Identity Cards has introduced by the Election Commission of India, more than 80% of the Electors has been photographed and the distribution of the same has been done through the appointed Booth Level Officers of the designated polling stations. Photo Electoral Rolls has also been prepared for the first time in the Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2007
    3. As per the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, Booth Level Officers for all Polling Stations in Aizawl District has been appointed. Also issued guidelines for Booth Level Officers.
    4. Computerization of Electoral Rolls has been started since summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 1998 as per the order of Election Commission of India.

    Disaster Management & Rehabilitation

    This Branch deals with relief and rehabilitation of victims of Natural Calamities whenever any natural calamities occurs within the district, Verifying Officers are detailed for spot verification and giving relief to the victims based on the reports of the Officers in terms giving immediate relief in the form of financial assistance, disbursement of materials like GCI sheets and silpouline free of cost, etc. This branch deals with matters relating to District Disaster Management Programme (UNDP-GOI Programme). This branch is under the direct control of SDO(S) who is a nodal Officer of the District Disaster Management Committee for Aizawl District. The SDO(S)’s Office Chamber is declared as a Control Room for Disaster Management, Aizawl District. The report of damages caused by landslide and fires etc. to dwelling houses should be written in plain paper and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner. The report should clearly state the date, time and place of occurance of the Natural Calamity. All these facts shall then be verified first hand by an Officer designated by the Deputy Commissioner for spot inspection.