Deputy Commissioner Of State Tax


Name Of Office : Office of the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax, Mamit Zone : Mamit

Office Address  : Chhim veng House No 84

                                H. Vanlalhlua Building, Mamit 

E-mail                :

Contact No        : 0389 – 2565630


  1. Implementation of the provisions of the Mizoram Goods and Services tax Act 2017 and Rules 2017 .
  2. Dissemination and propagation of Tax awareness among the general public with special emphasis to the dealers.
  3. Collection of various taxes augmentation of Government revenue.
  4. To facilitate all tax payers in their business transactions.
  5. To work and collaborate with other departments/offices wherever necessary.

Administrative Setup

Office of the Deputy Commissioner of State Tax , Mamit Zone has the following hierarchy with basic role as below :-

  1. Deputy Commissioner of State Tax :

    He is the administrative and operational head of the office. He is the overall supervisor of all the department/office activities within the district/zone. Direction, controlling and planning within the district/zone lies under his jurisdiction.

  2. Assistant Commissioner of Tax:

    Under his supervision, the lower level officers and staff perform their day to day functions and responsibilities. He function under the general directives of the Deputy Commissioner of Tax.

  3. State Tax Officer:

    They are the operational officers under the office. the assist and facilitate the taxpayers in payment for their liabilities under the act applicable like Mizoram Profession,trades,Callings(Act)Mizoram Goods and Services Ac, etc.

  4. Clerical Staff:

    They are responsible for dealing with all correspondences and communications with other departments an the general public. All file works originated and end with them.

  5. Checker and Other Staffs:

    Perform internal duties are assigned from time to time. Delivery of Dak,checking and survey of dealers and business premises, assiting STO’s in various areas inter alia.

Telephone Directory :

Name Designation Telephone Mobile e-mail Address
F.C. Liannghinga Deputy Commisioner of Sales Tax 0389-2565630 801444553 Venghlui, Aizawl
Lalhmachhuana Assistant Commisioner of Sales Tax 0389-2565630 8974916596 Ramhlun, Aizawl
B.Zoliankhumi State Tax Officer 0389-2565630 9862016681 Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl
Carolyn Laldingngheti State Tax Officer 0389-2565630 8837406070 Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl
K.Lalhmunmawia State Tax Officer 0389-2565630 9862305035 Khatla, Aizawl
Theresa Saihmingthani UDC 0389-2565630 9862075810 Luangmual, Aizawl
C.Zohmangaihi LDC 0389-2565630 9862648500 Chaltlang, Aizawl
Lalventluanga Checker 0389-2565630 8794551086 Bethlehem veng, Aizawl
Lalhmudika Checker 0389-2565630 8258008662 Sialsuk
Khawlthangpuii Peon 0389-2565630 9612317767 Bethlehjem Veng, Aizawl