Economics & Statistics Department

The District Research Office, Economics & Statistics Department Mamit District is one of the 8th District Research Offices Established under Directorate of Economics & Statistics Department,Aizawl which was inaugurated on 19 Juneth 2013. It function as the apex body in the statistical system of the District. District Research Office coordinates all statistical activities in the districts.

The District Research Officer’s Office Economics & Statistics Department Mamit district is primarily entrusted with the task of collecting primary Data and helping all the agencies in the state headquarters. It functions under the supervision, guidance and control of Directorate Economics & Statistics Department. It is also entrusted with the responsibilities of execution of field works of different surveys such as input survey, economic survey. It has been assigned the task of building up of Data-base for micro-level planning.

Registration of Births & Deaths:

District Research officers Office act as Assistant District Registrar of Births & Deaths assisting compilation and improvement of vital statistics at the District level and monitoring the functioning of Registrar of Births & Deaths within its jurisdiction for the improvement of the level of registration. It has been entrusted with the implementing the Registration of Births & Deaths Act at the District level.

Annual RBD Training

At present, the entire Mamit District is covered by 78 Registrar of Births & Deaths, 8 Nos. of PHC etc. hose area of jurisdiction are specifically defined and they submit monthly returns to the District Research Officer’s Office. The District Research officer’s Office has been conducted an Annual Training of Registrar of Births & Deaths
organized towards the end of the year to convey important information to Registrar and to solve problems faced by them. The District Research officer’s Office had conducted such Annual training of Registrar of Births and Deaths three times since its inception. This annual training is further utilized for distribution of registration materials for the next calendar year and receipts of RBD beyond 12 months from Registrar and distribution of honorarium to RBD.

District-wide survey & Census

The District Research officer’s Offfice undertake and participating in some important District-wide survey on a regular basis from time to time, notably, input survey and economic census.

  • Input Survey:

    Input survey forms one of the technical works being performed by the District Research officer’s Office which is the implementing agency at the District level. The primary fieldwork consists of collecting information in respect ofresident cultivation in the sampled village including preparation of farm activity data, farm harvesting Data the schedule area.

  • Economic Survey:

    Consumer Price Index (CPI) Survey and House rent enquiry are the regular works performed by he District Research officer’s Office . The Consumer Price index survey has been prepared by undertaking survey on price of 278 items within the district and reports are submit to the Directorate of Economics & Statistics Department regularly twice in a month and preparation of quarterly price Data in selected commodities. Similarly,House Rent Enquiry has been conducted in the specified areas within the District and reports are submit to the Directorate of Economics & Statistics Department in a monthly basis

  • Farm Harvesting Price:

    In District prices of farm products were collected from farmers, hawkers, VC etc.every year. This data indicate the rise and fall of GDP from agriculture and allied sectors.

  • Village Profile:

    Village Profile is Prepared in accordance with the format design by the Headquarters. All Villages within the district were covered. This profile shows the real image and condition of that village.

  • Statistic Day:

    DRO office Observed Statistics Day every year. During this day training and teaching are given to the invitees and students about the importance, use of statistics Data.



    Name Designation Telephone Email Mobile ADDRESS


      MPE &SS

    District Research Officer 0389-2565088 9436144162

    Upper Kannan



    Philip Rosiamliana Inspector 7638924797 Hmunsam ,Mamit
    R.Lalchawimawia UDC 9612560297 Chanmari West, Aizawl
    C.Rohmingthanga LDC 9862022319 Armed Veng Aizawl
    C.Lalduhsangi DPA 8118908180


    Charkawn, Mamit
    Baby Lalawmpuii Computer Operator 8575537589   Durtlang, Aizawl
    David Lalremruata Driver 8974764967   Mel 3
    R.Lalrintluanga IV Grade 9612197050   Nursery, Aizawl
    Lalbiaksanga IV Grade 9774976441   Bazar Veng, Mamit



    Name of Office:

    Government Of Mizoram,Office Of The District Research Officer, Economics & Statistics Department


    Asst. District Registrar,Registration Of Births & Deaths,Mamit District Mamit

    Establishment Year:

    19th June 2013


    Vaubekawn, Vengthar Mamit,Mamit District:Mamit 796441

    Contact Number:

    0389- 2565088

    Email Address: