Culture & Heritage


The Mizo Formed one of the important hill tribes of India sub-continen. Thei traditional cherished beliefs, values with various social religious practices as well as culture hava given them a distinct mizo identity. The mizo are a vibrant , highly cultured and sociable people. Their rich cultural heritage and beautiful environment set them apart from the other.

The culture of the Mizos is intrinsically woven with their practice of Jhuming cultivation. All the activities revolve around the Jhum operation and their festival are all concerned in one way or another with such agricultural operations. In fact, important festival are associated with the various stags of their shifting cultivation.

In Mizo, we found 3 main festival called ‘Kut’ such as

    • Chapchar kut
    • Mim kut
    • Pawl kut

These festival are observe with community feast, singing, dancing and drinking rice beer. These festival are more social than religious in their character.

The Mizos are also reputed for their love of music and songs. Music is a passion for the mizo. Many folk-cores, tales and songs were passed down by words of mouth generations after generations. There are numerous dances viz, Cheraw, chheih lam, khual lam, par lam,rallu lam, sar lam kai and solakia.


Among the qualities that the Mizo had fostered in their life since remote past is hnatlang. Hnatlang which have been evolve since time immemorial is rendered by villagers for some practical principles of self-help and co-operation for the fulfilment of social obligations and responsibility. Undue this hnatlang system, the villagers are expected to contribute labour for the welfare of the community.


Another custom and social obligation of the Mizo is Tlawmngaihna. It is a mizo code of conduct that demands every people to be hospitable, kind to others, unselfish, courageous and helpful to other even at the top of self-sacrifice. It stands for self-less service for the other. Tlawmngaihna is one of the value which is very old but still promoted till today.