District Information & Public Relations

Administrative set-up/Branches Chanvo leh mawhphurhna

  • DIPRO: Office hmun pui ber leh hna zawng zawng enkawlna
  • Estabilishment: File enkawlna leh ziah felna
  • Accounts: Sum enkawlna
  • Technical: Video documentation and Editing etc

Telephone Directory

S.No Hming Designation Phone No. E-mail Address
1  Paul Rokima DIPRO 9862527976 Field Veng, Mamit
2  Lalrammawii Pachuau LDC 9862335855 Field Veng, Mamit
3  C. Lalnnmawia AVPA – Ill 9862244951 Field Veng, Mamit
4  PC LaIngaihawma Gr-IV 8730094213 Field Veng, Mamit
5 Lalchhanchhuaha Gr-IV 8416045121 Field Veng, Mamit

An hnathawh thin tlangpuite :  Media Coverage of Government functionaries and Government Press Release and Discharge and Verification of Advertisement of Departments to the Local Newspaper in the District.

Office Address : Field Veng, Mamit

Contact Details: 0389-2565321